CJD-Panorama – a social education project

In Germany the development opportunities yet for the youngest are unequal: the social background is essential for personal development. The disadvantage based on the mode of life in their social environment is not acceptable.

CJD Panorama is a social education project. It shows children from difficult social conditions a way out to discover their own potential capacity and to find new prospects: learning to play an instrument in an orchestra means to broaden their horizon, to develop their personality and selfconfidence.

CJD Panorama demands a great deal: we show music to children for its own sake. Only then music can display its inherent power. As an authentic art form. Already with the youngest.

The first time I talked with Andreas Dierssen in October 2009 about the idea of a social education project to support children from difficult social conditions to discover and unfold their personalities and social competences, “El Sistema” from Venezuela was a huge ideal. But should it be possible to transfer this concept unmodified to german conditions? To find out more about this we travelled to Caracas in January 2011 together with Dietrich Schmidt who established contact. In Caracas we have been shown the very impressive work in the “nucleos” with the children coming from the slums at every day to make music together and to learn their instruments. After this journey we knew that the circumstances in Venezuela are quiet different from Germany and that we have to change a lot to start a similar project in Germany:

  • Living in poor relations in Venezuela or in Germany is quiet different.
  • Children in Venezuela have a lot of time, “El Sistema” is almost the only project for these children.
  • There is a lively tradition of singing and dancing in Venezuela.
  • Children in Venezuela are supported by their parents in their musical engagements.

We started a planning group with Dietrich Schmidt (Munich, oboe), Tabea Gebauer (Berlin, canto/early musical education) and Paul Jakob Fricke (Leipzig, cello) which developed in many meetings a concept which is based on the following aspects:

  • CJD Panorama is based on classical music for orchestra which for most of the children means a fascinating world of contrast to their environment.
  • CJD Panorama is based on making music with the children at almost every day for years. This creates sustainability.
  • The concept of CJD Panorama has always to be adapted in a permanent dialogue between music pedagogues and nursery-school teachers to changing circumstances and the certain conditions at every place and to every individual child.

In June 2013 we started the training courses for the colleagues of the pilot project which started in October 2013 in the day-care centers “Stubs und Fridolin” and “Johanna-von-Siemens” in Berlin-Siemensstadt. In September 2015 the first children changed to primary school and we started to work with them in the after-school club of the “Robert-Reinick-Grundschule in Siemensstadt, which is the next step. The emerita professor Prof. Ingrid Engel became a prominent and highly involved supporter of CJD Panorama.

More informations in german language are available on www.cjd-panorama.de.