“Teaching means to show what you love”

(Fulbert Steffensky)

Which features are typical for a successful pedagogue? What is the definition of successful pedagogics? What are the external circumstances which are necessary for successful pedagogics?

I feel confident that a pedagogue can only be successful in terms which are close connected to his own experiences and to his own interest. But it is absolutetely wrong to force this own criteria on a counterpart; they have to be a orientation to find scales for ones own life. This can also happen in a reasonable renunciation, but it is nearly impossible to find a own way of life without contentions to existing and exemplified ideals.

That’s the reason why pedagogues – and also parents – are ideals at every time including all their strengths and weaknesses.

My own educational work includes teaching teenagers in a secondary school, students in conducting masterclasses and also very young children in nurseries which is a very high spread.