“A society without awareness of its history has lost its roots”

There is no field in our life which is not the result of historical developments starting from a far foretime. The awareness of these big lines for me is important to understand our own life as a small particle in a huge context which we have to classify in this context.

At all times throughout our history almost every human beings have given their energy to create their environment as perfect as possible starting from the conditions of their lifetime. Most of the biggest disasters in human history have been based on the result of misjudgements which have been recognized too late to avoid them.

To adapt living conditions successfully to new developments it is necessary to make decisions at any time, but only the future can show wether the decision was the right one or not.

Cultural history, history of political thought and the inclusion of historical alternatives which didn’t became reality are as important for me as the political history which became reality.

Looking at archeological findings, ruins and written sources gives me a lot of respect to the benefits of human beings throughout history. Very often you can find a true love to the material, to the function and also to the aestetic beauty of small findings which responses to me in an emotional way. This makes history a living experience.