This website shows an overview of ideas which became crucial to my professional life as a musician and teacher during the last 30 years.

It means not only the very intensive preoccupation with the scores of classical music, which I conduct in my concerts, it means also to think about educational topics which show so different challenges in my work with pupils at the secondary school in Altensteig, with students on conducting masterclasses in London and Graz or with young children at our social project CJD Panorama in nurseries in Berlin.

The spectacular new findings of brain research but also results of psychological and sociological research brought me to a very new point of view for my pedagogical ideas.

Particularly the studies about introverted, extroverted and highly sensitive persons have changed a lot for me.

Finally I’m thinking about the importance of culture in our society, how this will change in the future and how I can help to develop the importance of cultural life in our society.

Christof Harr